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Have you ever thought that, when driving, contact to the road is made up of four areas, each the size of your palm. That is your tyres.

A high-quality tyre is much more than just a piece of rubber. It is a high-tech product manufactured in detail as a result of careful development and versatile testing. The manufacture of a reliable tyre demands chemical and technical competence, high-quality raw materials and structural solutions as well as diversified and complete tests. So it is no wonder that a new tyre requires 2 to 4 years of  development work before release.

Read the experts’ stories on the most common issues: What should be taken into consideration when buying new tyres? Friction tyres or studded tyres? The importance of tyre pressure? Environmental impact of tyres? You may take a peek behind the scenes in tyre manufacturing and details and grounds for solutions that are not normally told. Marvel, comment and ask questions!


Taming winter conditions for 80 years

October 17, 2014 - By Expert Teemu Sainio

Peace of mind and security for millions of people. State-of-the-art technology that brought a new era. This year marks the passing of 80 years since the world’s first winter tyre was created for the freezing temperatures and high winds of the North. This revolutionary invention has since become standard equipment for motorists driving in winter. […]
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The most common reasons for customer complaints concern various types of wearing

October 3, 2014 - By Expert Pekka Hangasmaa

Considering the production volumes of the tyre manufacturing industry, the number of complaints is low. Often, complaints are connected to driving comfort and the uneven wear of the tyres. If the customer suspects that there is something wrong with a tyre, he can contact the reseller directly and have the tyre inspected. If the experts […]
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Tyre pressures should be checked once a month

September 19, 2014 - By Expert Pekka Hangasmaa

Many find checking tyre pressure a tedious task, but this check should be made approximately once a month. Tyre pressure affects the cost-effectiveness of driving – if the pressure is too low, the rolling resistance increases which in part increases fuel consumption. In summer, many people pack up their car for their summer trip. Tyre […]
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In summer, friction tyres should be replaced with summer tyres

September 5, 2014 - By Expert Pekka Hangasmaa

Many think that friction tyres are good summer tyres as well, but this is not true from a safety perspective. Friction tyres are good winter tyres, especially when driving on snowy or slushy roads, but in the summertime it must be remembered that friction tyres have a much weaker wet grip than actual summer tyres. […]
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Nokian Tyres and harmful chemicals in car tyres

August 22, 2014 - By Expert Sirkka Leppänen

Environmentally conscious consumers are interested in knowing what kinds of chemicals and toxins are used in tyres. In fact, very few toxins are used in tyre manufacturing these days, and tyres contain less and less material that is carcinogenic or otherwise harmful. The European Union has endeavoured to standardise the legislation applying to the use […]
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