Tyres of excellent quality from high-grade processes

Nokian Tyres products have found their way to the top positions of tests carried out by car magazines in the Nordic countries, Central Europe, Russia and Ukraine, among others. The wide-ranging tests focus on various properties of tyres and the tyres’ safety characteristics are usually emphasised in the comparisons. It is a commonly agreed fact that tyres are one of the most important safety elements of a car. Although safety is a crucial feature for tyres, the driver really only experiences their safety characteristics rather infrequently during driving. For example, maximum braking, fast swerving movements or extreme hydroplaning situations may be encountered just a few times each year.

Excellent user experience speaks volumes about high quality

High tyre quality first and foremost manifests itself through excellent user experience. The first step to achieving perfect user and quality experience is the faultlessness of both the new product and the one that has been used for thousands of kilometres. Summer and winter tyres by Nokian Tyres are ‘premium’ products. This means, among other things, that each customer gets faultless products. The production process personnel work hard to ensure this level of quality.

Ensuring high quality and faultlessness involves lots of operations that are invisible to the consumer, such as design of the quality characteristics, testing, and measurement of the product features. Nokian Tyres’ factories use a highly advanced manufacturing process with several automatic measurement and adjustment operations. These functions are crucial for achieving a consistent top quality. Nokian Tyres personnel are trained for first-class quality expertise and their attitude towards quality is improved through further training and campaigns. Nokian Tyres’ factories are certified to the common ISO9001 quality standard and to the more demanding ISO/TS 16949 automotive industry specifications.

Aiming for quality that surpasses expectations

Delivering a faultless product from the factory is still no reason for applause. Instead, Nokian Tyres aims for that ‘wow’ effect caused by top quality products. A user experience beyond expectations can be caused, for example, by a surprisingly low noise level, a convenient wear indicator on the tyre surface, or easy rolling characteristics that reduce fuel consumption. Also the ‘Hakka-turva’ service, whereby tyres are replaced free of charge if they are damaged accidentally, may prove to be a pleasant extra benefit.

Nokian Tyres strives to improve the customers’ service and buying experience by training their product distributors on how to provide the correct information to their customers, and how to manage all the details related to the installation of various tyres. Nokian Tyres’ website offers not only standard product data but also guidance, advice and other information to customers. One can contact the company, provide feedback and ask for assistance via the site. Good service is part of the overall quality experience but, first of all, the most crucial factor is a high quality product, which makes for satisfied customers.

What are the factors behind the high quality of Nokian Tyres products?

  • High-grade, modern design and production processes
  • A comprehensive quality assurance process which ensures faultless products
  • Systematic training of personnel
  • Compliance with requirements of independent quality certificates
  • Individual product elements that improve the overall quality
  • ‘Hakka-turva’ insurance for premium products

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