Summer tyres and their testing

Just like winter tyres, summer tyres meet numerous challenges during their life cycle. Especially in the north, summertime conditions may vary greatly. Nokian Tyres’ products are tested on the company’s track in Nokia, Finland, where the conditions are excellent for testing various tyre properties. Properties assessed in Nokia include the handling properties of tyres, such as how they perform on dry and wet tarmac, what their hydroplaning properties are, how good a grip they provide in wet conditions, what their driving comfort is like, and what their bypass noise level is, i.e. how much external noise they generate when overtaking.

However, testing tyres involves more than just driving on the track and taking measurements. Nokian Tyres’ summer tyres are also tested on ordinary roads, to obtain information about things such as the driving properties of the tyres on various surfaces and rutted roads. The properties on rough surfaces and surfaces in a poor condition are also tested on a comfort track specifically constructed for this purpose. These tests include measuring how the trembling or vibration caused by the surface is conveyed from the tyres to the cabin.

Because tracks in Finland are so compacted, high-speed handling properties can’t be tested here. These properties are tested on specifically designed oval tracks in Germany, Spain and South Africa, for example. In these tests, the speed may rise to up to 300 km/h.

Extensive testing

Because Nokian Tyres’ tyres are designed to fit many models and are tested extensively with various car makes and models, the company’s summer tyres are suitable for most new and common cars. To ensure suitability on a large scale, the tests are performed using the manufacturer’s cars, lease vehicles, and vehicles borrowed from importers.

Although the summertime conditions in Northern and Southern Europe may be very different, the weather is not a problem for Nokian Tyres. The company’s Hakka product family is designed for conditions in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, while the Nokian product family offers the best tyres for use in Central and Southern Europe.

Hakka tyres are designed for northern roads, which are sometimes in a poor condition, and the varying summertime conditions are taken into consideration in the design. Because the speeds on the roads in Central Europe are considerably higher than in the North, Nokian tyres are designed with greater attention to the generation of heat and to high-speed handling.

Hakka tyres include the ‘Hakka-turva’ service, designed for the rougher road conditions in the North. When you buy Hakka tyres and register in the Hakka Club, you obtain Hakka-turva insurance for one year, at most, or until the tyres have been worn down to 4 mm. The insurance will replace tyres free of charge if they are damaged accidentally – for example, if you hit a rock or a pothole and a tyre is damaged beyond repair.

Hakka summer tyres:

  • For use in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia
  • Emphasis on wet grip and functionality in a wider temperature range, designed for rougher roads

Nokian summer tyres:

  • For use in Central and Southern Europe
  • Emphasis on high-speed handling and the generation of heat


  1. Robert says:

    Bought 2 Nokian Entyre for the back, seem to be okay on Vermont’s rough roads so far.

  2. TALLERS MATEU says:

    Nokian brand is truly fantastic, both in summer as in winter.
    The pain that is practically impossible conseguirlos in Andorra.

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