Nokian Tyres excelling in tests

In recent years, Nokian Tyres has excelled in tests carried out by car magazines, finding its way to the top more and more often. This was not the case a couple of decades ago, but confidence in Nokian Tyres as a competitive tyre manufacturer has been increasing gradually, and the company’s products are more and more often included in tests. These days, the brand is known as far as Central Europe.

However, success in tests does not come for free – it is the result of persistent product development efforts. Most people know Nokian Tyres as a manufacturer of winter tyres, but over the years, the company has also been making considerable investments in the development of summer tyres. Generally, a good tyre is a compromise between various properties, and brand tests are best won with products whose various properties are in good balance and make a good whole.

Tyre tests include many tyre property tests, using various measurements, criteria and units, including external noise, hydroplaning properties and wet grip. However, there are also many properties that cannot be measured using any specific indicators. These include the handling properties of the tyres on rutted roads, steering response of the tyres, and reaction response when swerving. Such tests are, in fact, extremely subjective, with the test drivers testing these properties by feel.

Various car manufacturers and car magazines use their own test drivers, and therefore the evaluation of properties liable to such subjectivity can result in differing results. Even a difference of 0.5 points for a certain property in different tests may be a result of the test drivers’ differing personal criteria and opinions.

The whole is what matters

When examining tyre tests to find a suitable tyre for your needs, you should pay special attention to the scores of those properties that you first and foremost appreciate in summer tyres and which matter most when you consider your driving style and different conditions. If you plan to drive at high speeds, for example, find a tyre with good high-speed handling properties.

In the Finnish conditions, it is generally sensible to pay attention to things such as wet grip, rolling resistance, and hydroplaning properties. The tyre as a whole matters more than an individual property. If you place special emphasis on one property, you usually have to compromise on others.

These days, the European Union obliges tyre manufacturers to communicate certain values on a label attached to the tyre or in another manner. The properties to be communicated include rolling resistance, wet grip, and external noise. However, tyre tests are more illuminating than the EU label, since they are used to test 15–20 properties, thus giving a more comprehensive picture of the various tyres on the market.

Properties measured in tyre tests using indicators:

  • Hydroplaning and slush-planing properties
  • Lateral and longitudinal wet grip
  • External noise
  • Rolling resistance
  • Braking on dry surfaces
  • Braking on wet surfaces

Properties measured in tyre tests based on subjective observations:

  • Steering response, steering accuracy
  • Reaction response
  • Restoring moment
  • Driving properties in curves, stability during changes in driving conditions
  • Driving properties on different surfaces (dry, wet)
  • Handling properties on rutted roads, for example
  • Comfort on different surfaces


  1. Again more wisdom from Matti.

  2. Dick Luna says:

    Please Make a Nokian tire with raised letters (OWL), like the Nokian Vativa Its needed in New York, a high demand.

  3. Dick Luna says:

    Hello, in the near future will you have a make of a Nokian tire that has raised letters (OWL)??
    Thank you

    • Nokian Tyres' bloggers says:

      Hello. It takes roughly about four years to develop a new tire model to the point when it’s ready to hit the tire shops, so we can’t say it will happen in the near future. Increasing safety is our most important development driver, and of course multiple other factors are taken into consideration to meet the needs of the today’s drivers.

  4. I am going to buy a Lit Motors’ electric two wheeler–see their web site; I live near Canada–bad winters here; will these tires (just two of them) work on this vehicle?
    The car a C-1 (prototype name). Hope so!

    • Nokian Tyres' bloggers says:

      Hello Patricia, what a cool looking space vehicle! Nokian Tyres designes and manufactures tires for passenger cars, SUVs and heavier vehicles. We do not make motorcycle tires and it looks like the C-1 is equipped with those.

      • patricia hoffmann says:

        Thanks for the information; I was afraid this would be true–I suggest a corporate meeting to see if this is the time to expand the product line! Shall check back for further news on that front ;-).

  5. Sean says:

    I am looking at purchasing my first set of Nokian WR G3 for my 2011 AWD Saab 9-5, 245-45R18. What plant manufactures these tires?

    Thank you

    • Nokian Tyres' bloggers says:

      Hello Sean! Excellent choice, it always pays off to get a high quality tire! As our customer blogger Charles Croke said it, Nokian WR G3’s are “all-seasons on steroids”.

      The new All-Weather tire is a combination of first-class grip and handling properties. The size you are asking about is produced in the Nokian Tyres’ Russian factory.

      Here is more information of the tire for those who are still unfamiliar with the product:

      And here are Charles Crokes’s blog posts about the tire:

  6. razor says:

    as a commercial truck driver this idea has been my dream tire driving cross country the road conditions continually change and plowing and salting make conditions impossible to keep tire chains on in the storms and there will 1 to 10 mile stretches of ice and tire chains have no grip on ice only studded tires will give you the hope of not sliding off the road into some bottomless mountain pass road congradulation we may all go from white knuckle death grips on the steering to firmly in control thank you

  7. Nokian Tyres' bloggers says:

    Hello Dick,
    the production capacity of our factories is used in an agile way. One tire model has a wide range of different tire sizes, and the production place might differ depending on the size. Both our factories in Finland and in Russia bring the same top quality premium tires to the market. The production country of a tire can be checked from its sidewall marking.

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