The majority of tyres find a new lease on life through recycling

There are still countries in the world without a tyre-recycling programme. Besides the Nordic countries, Nokian Tyres operates widely in Russia, where tyre recycling has not yet been established. However, the country is promoting collaboration among tyre manufacturers, and a recycling programme is an objective of this work, even if the project is progressing rather slowly. Nokian Tyres is actively involved in the relevant processes, negotiating and promoting tyre recycling in Russia in collaboration with other relevant parties.

In Finland, nearly all tyres are recycled. Last year, the country saw approximately 50,000 tons of car tyres recycled. The majority of used tyres are crushed and turned into bales, and the material is reused for various purposes. Although tyre recycling is fairly extensive throughout the European Union, it has generally not been organised quite as well as in Finland. While Nokian Tyres products recycled in Finland are reused as raw material, tyres are often incinerated in other countries in the European Union. Approximately 39% of recycled tyres in the European Union are recycled for use as raw material.

In Finland, tyre recycling is arranged by Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd, established by tyre manufacturers in 1995. As one of the partners in Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd, Nokian Tyres engages in tyre recycling through this company. When buying tyres, the customer pays a so-called recycling fee, which is included in the tyre price. When you buy four new tyres, you can leave four old ones at the place of purchase; however, worn-out spare tyres are often accepted in addition. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your old tyres – you can always leave them at the place of purchase of the new ones.

  • In Finland, tyres are recycled by Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd
  • The majority of tyres recycled in Finland are used for raw material
  • Nokian Tyres is also involved in the organisation of tyre recycling in Russia

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