The most common reasons for customer complaints concern various types of wearing

Considering the production volumes of the tyre manufacturing industry, the number of complaints is low. Often, complaints are connected to driving comfort and the uneven wear of the tyres. If the customer suspects that there is something wrong with a tyre, he can contact the reseller directly and have the tyre inspected. If the experts at the reseller cannot find the cause of the problem, the tyre can be sent to the factory for further inspection. All the necessary equipment needed for checking and assessing the tyre for possible faults can be found in the factory.

The most common causes for complaints are issues connected to different type of wearing of tyres which are often – unfortunately – caused by the customer failing to check the tyre pressure frequently enough. The chassis geometry should also be checked at regular intervals. Often, as a result of the wheel suspension and the wearing of the rubber bushes and springs, the steering geometry of the car differs from the recommended values (it can be remarkably uneven) and this can result in the uneven wearing of the tyres. Generally, there are very few complaints about actual manufacturing defects, although this is sometimes the case and it always requires careful examination.

Nokian Tyres has invested in its production development to improve the durability of their tyres even further. For example, the new Hakkapeliitta SUV 8 tyre has a new material mixture in the side surface, with the addition of Aramid staple fibres. As a result, the durability of the tyre is remarkably improved when hitting a pothole on the road or when the tyre hits the kerb. But a tyre is always a tyre and if the speed is too high when it hits something like this, the tyre will break up. For these kinds of situations, Nokian Tyres offers its customers Hakka-turva insurance for one year at most, or until the tyres have been worn down to 4 mm. The insurance will cover the cost of replacing the tyres if they are damaged accidentally. This means that if you hit a pothole and a tyre gets damaged, it will be replaced with a new one free of charge.

  • If you suspect your tyre may be damaged, contact the reseller.
  • If the reseller cannot determine the cause of the defect, the tyre can be sent to the factory for further examination.
  • The most common reasons for customer complaints are connected to driving comfort, which is often determined by the vehicle itself.

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